Wordpress Plugin For Security Blog

Wordpress Plugin For Security Blog

Secure WordPress
This plugin will delete the information error on login page, add the index.html page on the virtual directory of the plugin, remove the display version of WordPress for non-Admin and delete some other information that could help hackers.

Limit Login Attempts
As the name implies, this plugin works by limiting the number of times a user can log on the administrator page. Effective enough to counteract the brute-force attacks. If the user enters the wrong password over and over again then this plugin will automatically block the user with the specified length of time so can not log in again before the time passes.

Semisecure Login Reimagined
Login Reimagined Semisecure serves to enhance security during the login process. The way is by using a combination system of public and secret encryption key to encrypt the password on the client side when user login.

This plugin is to create a custom URI for login, logout and registration. Suppose you want to change the login page http://www.infospesial.com/wp-admin be http://www.infospesial.com/login. It's certainly difficult for crackers to find the login page to perform SQL injection.

This plugin works scans your WordPress installation and notify security gaps that exist and give suggestions to overcome them. Ranging from weak passwords, file permissions (CHMOD), database security, and so on. (Ginigitu) WordPress plugins that can protect your blog.

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