7 New Features IOS 5

7 New Features IOS 5
7 New Features IOS 5
Apple has released the latest version of the IOS IOS version 5. IOS is the Apple-made applications are always interesting to follow. Moreover IOS feature 5 is issued as if intended for the iPhone 5. In addition, the presence of iCloud also makes the presence of five highly anticipated IOS.

Here it is 7 new features IOS 5:

1. Reminder

This location-based reminder feature, so that when he was in a mall for example, you will be reminded to buy a dress for a birthday party temenmu. Besides can be synced with iCal and Outlook, Reminder feature can also be 'mated' with Apple's newest feature called iCloud.

2. Twitter Integration

Sending a tweet will be able to directly do in Safari, Camera, Photos, Maps and Youtube. Also features also terintegarasi contact with Twitter so that the latest update my friends you can be known easily.

3. Camera and Photos

The camera can be accessed directly from the lockscreen. Completeness of the camera feature is also added as exposeure locks, grid line, single-tap focus. In addition, the upper volume key can also function as a camera shutter button. Editing photos is now so much fun with PhotoApp. The application comes dengna crop, rotation, improved image quality and remove red eye in photos.

4. Newsstand

This feature allows you to set the digital newspaper and magazine subscriptions in a folder. All bills and magazine subscriptions applications of digital newspaper will appear in this section. In addition to easier time pay, grouping of newspapers and magazines increasingly neatly on this shelf.

5. iMessage

For iPhone users who are jealous of the presence of fuel in a BlackBerry, do not be jealous anymore. Apple has provided a feature called iMessage to satisfy users who want to talk like fuel. In iMessage, you can send video, images, location and contact sharing such as in fuel. It was said that this feature is going to be enjoyed by all mobile operating system although not based IOS. Interesting anyway, but then what advantages the iPhone if this feature is so unpopular?

6. Notification Center

News feed personalization features are reserved for each device. Notification Center will be personalized looks that include the movement of stocks, email, messaging, weather info and friend requests. Feature Notification Center can still be seen even though the phone is locked.

7. Safari

Apple's mobile browser is equipped with Instapaper reading list management features. Instapaper can be used to compile a reading list which contains articles that have been saved. Articles that have been saved that you can read at any time.

In addition to seven new IOS features above, there are several other features provided by Apple. Features include:

Free PC: No need anymore to enable the IOS computer.
Calendar: View calendar IOS for a year.
Game Center: Displays the image profile and recommendations from friends.
WiFi Sync: Backup application can be with a WiFi connection.
Video Mirroring: Transfer pictures from iPhone to Apple TV.

Of all the above features, I am most looking forward iMessage. You can imagine how cool can berchat ria using iMessage. Unfortunately, iMessage rumored to be reserved for all mobile phones which means iMessage no longer exclusive to Apple.

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