7 Apple Products Fail

7 Apple Products Fail
7 Apple Products Fail Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs issued a lot of product design, not all ends well. Here are seven homemade products that failed commercially and functionally.

Apple III (1981)

Successor to the popular Apple II is focused on business users and are rewarded with deserved. But hardware is not reliable. Apple lost the business market on the IBM PC was launched in the same year and rapidly expanding clone PC market.

Lisa (1983)

The first commercial computer with a graphical user face is sold for U.S. $ 9,995 (Rp85, 7 million). However, this device instantly immersed in the shadow of a less expensive Macintosh, which was launched a year later.

NeXT Computer (1989)

Jobs are always working to make computers more advanced than his time. But like the Apple III and Lisa, the device is also too expensive to be acceptable primary user.

Puck Mouse (1998)

The new iMac is the main product successfully Jobs creation in 1996. However, this mouse-shaped device is too round and users do not understand how the 'feel' and this device difficult to use.

Cube (2000)

Tiny desktop cube wrapped in clear plastic has won design awards, but this device 'dusty' in the store because of the high price.

In addition, this device does not really offer advantages for Mac users. The idea of ​​this device arises from the Mac Mini, Mac little more successful and less attractive.

iTunes Phone (2005)

Easy to forget the iPhone is not Apple's first attempt into the mobile phone business. The company is working to make the Motorola ROKR in late 2005.

As a phone, this device is not too interesting, but as a music player, this device is slightly below the iPod. This device only holds 100 songs and the process of moving from a very old PC. Some people even called the ROKR 'iPhone'.

Apple TV (2007)

Rarely find a half-hearted attempt by Apple. Jobs then introduced the Apple TV a 'hobby'. This little box connects TVs and Mac. Small Remote allows users to play music and movies from PC on TV.

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