Controlling another computer with Remote Desktop Connection

Controlling another computer with Remote Desktop Connection

Networking or computer network is a term for a set of computers or similar devices that are connected to the computer communication medium that allows data access to each other. There are many benefits that we get if we terhubug in a computer network. Like for example: Share data quickly, shared use of the printer, get an internet connection, control other computers, and much more.

For this time to be discussed is how to control the other computers connected in a network computer. This way we can do to make it easier in case we want to use another computer that is located far from the position we are.

To be able to control other computers, there are some requirements that we must fulfill. First make sure that we use computers using the Windows operating system (in this tutorial will explain the existing Remote Desktop in Windows 7) and the next one is 2 or more computers connected together within a single computer network.

Before we are able to remote (controlling another computer) there are some settings that we need to do on the computer to be controlled.

Make sure the user account on the computer that will be controlled has a password. If no password on user accounts, we can add it in the following way:

Phase 1
Click Start> Control Panel

Phase 2
In Control Panel click User Accounts and Family, Then click on User Accounts

Noteworthy here was using the name of the user accounts Administrator. For naming user accounts can be different depending on the user's computer.

Stage 3
  If previously there has been no passwords on user accounts. Click on "Create a password for your account"

Stage 4
Enter the password in the "New Password" and repeat on the "Confirm new password". Then click Create a password

then we must enable the Remote Desktop facility. The steps are as follows:

Step 1
Right click on Computer icon and then select Properties

Step 2
  Click Remote Settings.

In the Remote Desktop menu there are 2 options to enable the Remote Desktop facility


- Allow connections from computers running any version of Remote Desktop (less
   secure). This option allows us to activate the Remote Desktop facility
   in any version.
- Allow connections only from computers running Remote Desktop with Network Level authentification (more secure). This option only allow us to connect using Remote Desktop on the same level.
To facilitate the activation of the Remote Desktop, select the second choice.
 Then click OK and the computer is ready to be controlled.

After the computer to be controlled over the settings. Now is the time we can control that computer. To be able to control another computer using Remote Desktop facility, we must first know the IP Address or Computer Name of the field. And should know the User Account and Password that computer.

Step 3
Click Start> All Programs> Accessories> Remote Desktop Connection.

Step 4
Enter the IP address or Computer name of the field.

Step 5
Click Connect, and select YES.

Step 6
Enter your Username and Password that will be computer controlled.

Click OK, and we can already use these computers remotely ..

Good luck. Controlling another computer with Remote Desktop Connection

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