Warning Dangerous Site on Internet

Warning Dangerous Site
Just share information, For you the maniac had fun browsing the internet, now is the time to be careful. because there are so many sites that are dangerous to visit.

these sites spread certain viruses to computers that access it. this info I quoted from  Generation Technology.
Here's a list of web site:

  1. 17ebook.com 

  2. aladel.net

  3. bpwhamburgorchardpark.org 

  4. clicnews.com 

  5. dfwdiesel.net 

  6. divineenterprises.net 

  7. fantasticfilms.ru 

  8. gardensrestaurantandcatering.com

  9. ginedis.com 

  10. gncr.org

  11. hdvideoforums.org 

  12. hihanin.com 

  13. kingfamilyphotoalbum.com 

  14. likaraoke.com 

  15. mactep.org 

  16. magic4you.nu 

  17. marbling.pe 

  18. krnacjalneg.info 

  19. pronline.ru 

  20. purplehoodie.com

  21. qsng.cn 

  22. seksburada.net 

  23. sportsmansclub.net

  24. stock888.cn 

  25. tathli.com 

  26. teamclouds.com 

  27. texaswhitetailfever.com 

  28. wadefamilytree.org 

  29. xnescat.info 

  30. yt118.com

For those of you who are still curioustry it may ajaBut I am notresponsibleI'll be safer you must equip your computer with antivirus and anti spyware are quite sophisticatedOkay!

Who've triedcan share his experience here.

8 How to Develop the Right Brain

Have we (often) not confident that we CREATIVE? It's just a presumption that actuallydrown our self-confidence to act creatively! Â Think and act creatively is an attempt touse the right brain (hemispher right hemisphere) more actively. During this time, most people only use his left brain associated with language, logic, and symbols and is directed at linear thinking and vertical (from one logical conclusion to the other logicalconclusion).

In more balanced, right-brain-related functions of emotion, intuitive, and spatial as well as work based on the kaleidoscope and lateral thinking (to consider the issuefrom all sides and arrive at different things) is part of the brain that plays an important role in creativity.

Right brain will generate ideas that are not conventional, not systematic, and unstructured. This does not mean the right-brain thinking is something that isarbitrary, but the right-brain thinking related to something new, unusual, and differentfrom what went before.
Here are 8 ways you can do to develop the right brain:

Adjust Finance With Amplop.in

February 28, yesterday launched a service that is useful to assist users in managing finances, Amplop.in.
Services related to the origin of Indonesia's financial arrangements are not entirely new service, before DailySocial never discuss NgaturDuit.com, which also provides primary care to assist users in recording activities and help manage their finances.
Amplop.in financial planner is a web-based application that offers several services, among others, noted the transaction either income or expenditure, helping the user to set priorities, outcomes and evaluation processes of financial transactions that occurred and use the philosophy of the envelope and the view of the calendar. 

In this application you can record the financial transactions in accordance with the transaction name that happens, you can group your financial transactions you do with a system of â € ~ amplopâ € ™. The envelope became a kind of group of transactions to separate transactions that exist, such as an envelope for education, an envelope for groceries, or envelopes for bills that can be further grouped into bills for internet, electricity or the other.
Amplop.in view of the calendar with the transactions that occur are placed based on date, you can add transactions directly from the link provided or directly from a column of dates on the calendar. Two of the main menu of this service is Calendar and Envelope, each of which can be arranged and added as needed.
Use of the term envelope is quite interesting, but as one of the advantages to be offered, the use of this term is quite popular in the community, my friend, a merchant who deals fairly large store also still use the â € ~ system amplopâ € ™ to manage its financial transactions and make the post- special post to separate the various transactions.
Amplop.in also features a focus on simplicity, when compared with NgaturDuit which has some complementary features such as graphics, Amplop.in just take another route while still providing a simple but useful facility, as described by one of the founder Amplop.in Mochammad Masbuchin, feature does not mean less and less useful to try to provide an easy way in dealing with financial management komplektisitas.
I myself is a fan web-based applications or mobile, mainly made in Indonesia, which focuses on providing services that help productivity, including financial arrangements, the presence Amplop.in developed by DropSugar (formerly Sacred Warrior) can provide additional options for financial applications simple, but I prefer the extra facilities such as graphics or other additional facilities such as investment planning or planning of expenditures for the next few months, but for those who like a simple financial application and focus on the financial calendar, Amplop.in could be an option.
Competition for this type of application is also already quite crowded, both local and international applications, but Amplop.in described by Masbuchin have a pretty good growth since its launch last week, Amplop.in also currently developing several features such as yearly calendar, integration with SMS and Twitter and check balances online banking.
For business monetization, Amplop.in will not place ads on their services, and plans to execute two plans namely financial consulting and investment deals online + protection and subscribe system.
For those of you who have difficulty managing their finances may begin to try this application by going to this link, and do not forget to give your comment after trying this application, and to monetization, one of the most interesting part for me, we see the execution plan and how to monetize Amplop.in the response of their users, one more thing, may they also pay attention in developing a version for access from mobile devices. (Source)
Why is that many are fond amplop.in
Dead Simple. Documentation has not officially launched, but users are accustomed amplopin apparently records the transaction without the need for trained!Data Safe. No need to fear missing a note, HP is lost, even missing any computer data remains safe and accessible.Useful Forever. Want to know your spending last month, two months ago, or last year? All are still stored in the database amplop.inAwake privacy. User data is not distributed to third party. You do not have to worry about the contents of your kitchen known to others.Jargon Indonesia. The term "Financial Calendar" and "envelope" is more easily understood by users.Technology Behind Amplop.in
Server Technology: Choice of server crashed on Apache, MySQL, and PHP.Amplop.in are hosting applications on Amazon EC2 nodes Europe. Load balancer using cache Varnish. MySQL made redundant in order to work as a Master-Slave.
Framework: Framework used include: SlimFramework, H2O templates, Redbean, and Inspekt. Why wear the Framework-framework?
SlimFramework: Simple, easy, uses as Routing & Controller requests into the application. If you ever put on Sinatra at Ruby's, Slim-like really.H2O: Template engine inspired by Django, use the View.Redbean: Object Relational Mapping, using a database seemed not to use it. Used as a model.Inspekt: ​​Validator data input.

Seven (7) Popular Malware In Android

Several evil aka malware programs try to hit the Android OS is higher popularity. Here are some of the most famous Android malware detected so far, reported by InformationWeek on Friday (08/05/2011):

1. Android.PjappsM

Beginning in 2010, an attacker unauthorized downloading programs from Android Market and the malware infects Android.Pjapps. Modified version was redistributed to a third-party Android Marketplace. Besides siphoning pulse by sending an SMS premium, this malware by Symantec aims to steal personal user data that the device is infected.

2. Android.Geinimi

Trojans are known named Geinimi is spreading mainly in China. He infects the Android game and once installed on the user's device, the device was so mobile that the botnet can be controlled from the remote attacker.

3. AndroidOS.FakePlayer

According to Symantec, this malicious program disguised himself as a media player application. If installed, it will silently send SMS premium on the number in Russia.

4. DroidDream (aka, Android.Rootcager)

DroidDream including malware that infects the craze with about 60 different applications in the Android Market and infecting hundreds of thousands of users in the first quarter of 2011. Malware-infected device is changed into a botnet, Android penetrate security, installing additional software and steal data.

5 Android.Bgserv

Moments after the brunt of DroidDream, Google released a tool to 'cure' the infected device. But the cyber criminals also mendompleng this moment by releasing a fake version of the evil. Luckily not too dangerous but still able to steal data.

6. GGTracker

GGTracker otherwise quite sophisticated threats. Cyber ​​criminals to trick users by creating a mobile web page that looks like the Android Market, where some users are stuck downloading a battery-saving applications. If installed, this malware will send a premium SMS at a cost of up to USD 40 per SMS.

7. DroidKungFu

Tactics by malware authors are distributing legitimate applications in the Android Market, waiting for many users to download it, then menginjeksinya with malware when user do an update over the air (OTA). Luckily, DroidKungFu already known 'crimes' before infecting a user so that it did not go into the Android Market.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011 Tips Delete Multiple Message on BlackBerry

Following the update of a community does not hurt. But sometimes the update messages that are constantly making your inbox becomes fat and no more unsightly. Fortunately your BlackBerry smartphone is equipped with enough features to help in deleting the message quickly.

Delete the message with the keyboard BlackBerry

You go into the folder the message from the home screen. Use the trackpad / trackball to highlight the first message that you want to delete. While press and hold down the CAPS / SHIFT, point trackpad / trackball up or down to select another message. When all the messages you want to delete has become highlighted, release the CAPS / SHIFT, then press the Menu key and click Delete Messages.

If you want to repeat the process on the computer, make sure you select a message in the mailbox and the handheld option. This will ensure that your emails have been deleted from the mailbox.

Deleting all messages by Date

Another way to delete all messages through the delete prior option. Place your cursor in the date, press menu, and select delete prior. All messages by date will be deleted. But we remind you that this will also remove the fuel, SMS / MMS, email, messages sent or all messages that you choose to go into the folder. Email removed with this technique simply delete the email on your mobile phone only, not in the inbox.

You can also clean up some Itam use the search function on the message folder (Mesages -> Menu -> Search, or select the search icon at the bottom). Once you sort out a few items, you can remove it.

Update Applications Google+ For IOS Platform and Supports iPod Touch and iPad

Google + Support Now iPod Touch and IPAD

Google has launched an updated version of Google's applications + for IOS platform that supports the iPod Touch and IPAD. Previously Google + can only be used in the iPhone and mobile web app only.

Although the appearance of Google's mobile web app + is quite okay, but there are some features that you will not get in there, such as support for setting and participate in the Huddle, and support for images.

These are often more offers faster access and better performance than a web app. The latest version of Google + for IOS also offers improvements in performance and stability and setting a new Huddle gives you a choice, who you want to send a message.

This update will also send notification of updated information about who to add to your Google + Circle mereka.Meski quite comfortable to use in the iPad, but this application does not yet support for larger screens, because Google + for iPad is actually a duplicate of the tablet screen size Android more small. You can get this application for free at the following link.

LG P920, 3D Tool In Grip

LG P920, 3D Tool In Grip Enjoying the content of 3-dimensional (3D) by using special glasses may be used, but without the glasses it was remarkable, especially for a phone.

3D mobile phone era is likely to be initiated by the presence of the LG P920, or to be known as 3D Optimus. This phone is not only capable of displaying videos and photos in 3D mode but also capable of making such content. Also, what features are offered?

Design: Great and Simple

For anyone who just does this phone, it will assume great shape and the 'box'. Yes, 3D Optimus did appear so. This product comes without an adventurous design, measuring 4.3 inch screen and weighs about 168 grams. Quite heavy when inserted into the pocket.

At the front of the user only find the standard buttons Android, Menu, Home, Back and Search. To the rear body is made of plastic material with a matte black color, but that is so striking is the placement of two parallel cameras with silver lines that read Stereoscopic 3D.

At the top there is a 3.5 mm jack for audio port and On / of or lock. While there is a button on the right body volume and the access to 3D content, and on the left there is a USB port and HDMI. The presence of an HDMI port is what reflects this phone as a powerful multimedia device.

But oddly, though it was equipped with a variety of additional ports and features, there is no LED notification on this phone. I wonder what the reason Motorola decided to mentiadakan light enough to help this.

LG 3D Optimus does have a size that big, but it turned out to represent a great performance. Brilliant screen, until ready to spoil upscale innards users.

Performance: Sangar However Haus Resources

LG 3D Optimus does not carry the screen with a frill or AMOLED displays such as Optimus NOVA Black, but the screen capable of displaying pictures in brilliant. Whether used for playing games, or watching a resolution of 1920 X 180p. Thus even with multitouch support diusungnya, able to recognize 10 touches at once.

If you view the performance specifications of this phone seems to have no doubt. 1GHz dual-core processor ARM Cortex-A9, SGX540 GPU and 512MB of memory configured in dual channel mode. Well, here's what LG is claimed to increase the bandwidth between the processor with memory, so it can process data faster. But unfortunately, still using the Android Froyo.

When doing testing with benchmarking applications Quadrant, this phone is able to carve figures of 2719. While the application of values ​​obtained Antutu Benchmark 5195.

But unfortunately, the performance must be redeemed with a short battery life. LG Optimus 3D using a capacity of 1500 mAh battery, but could only survive no more than 10 hours for online non-stop in a 3G network.

Amazing 3D capabilities

Might initially seem difficult to get a dish of 3D without glasses on the phone, but the allegations were broken when detikINET using this phone.

In Optimus 3D, 3D Space there is a menu containing a variety of 3D content. For example, 3D games, 3D Gallery, 3D Camera, and a shortcut directly to a 3D channel on YouTube. Simply complete and very diverse.

Watching 3D hand in this phone is different from what is common on 3D cinema or television. Ditampilakn image tends to accumulate in, not stand out like in general.

Even though the overall looks decent raised thumb, good for videos, photos and even games. But keep in mind. Play games in 3D mode on this phone will make the eyes tired, it is advisable not to linger.

Not satisfied with the existing content, users can create their own 3D content through this phone.

For example, snapped photos, this phone allows capturing images in 2D and 3D mode. This can be done because Optimus 3D using a dual lens on the back. 3D video recording can be done, it's just limited to a resolution of 720p (1080p for 2D).

In conclusion, LG 3D Optimus is quite a revolutionary device. Beneath the upper-class specification, also pinned 3-dimensional features that have not often found in mobile phones in its class. Not yet known when the price of this product would be launched later, but reportedly will be in the range of USD 5.5 million.

+ Can make and watch 3D
+ High performance
+ Bright display

- 3D games make the eyes tired
- Still Froyo
- Weight
- No notification light

5 Foundations Adopting Cloud Computing

The IT team is believed to have many who are preparing to run towards cloud computing (cloud computing). But as has been shown by history, not all implementations can benefit cloud computing as predicted.

According to IDC, 53% of all organizations in Asia are already using some form of cloud or have studied and tested initiatives cloud. Even this year, cloud computing will be discussed more frequently due to considerations of security and reliability will be strengthened.

Strong foundation is still the basis of all the successful implementation of cloud. If implemented correctly, cloud computing can enable enterprise users to focus on the things that distinguishes them from others and allow their businesses to grow faster.

Here are 5 tips to ensure that the implementation of the planned cloud can bring your company to higher levels, according to NetApp IT companies:

1. Cloud and virtualization

Virtualization is the first step toward the cloud. If your infrastructure is still in the format of the traditional silos, turn to virtualization first. With virtualization, cloud implementations will be able to reduce by half the storage needs and produces twice the storage utilization, thereby increasing savings on hardware, electricity and maintenance.

2. Opportunity to innovate

On your way to the cloud, take time to explore innovative storage technologies that can improve efficiency even further. Unified storage architecture, deduplication on primary data in virtualized environments, thin provisioning, and policy-based automation can help create a strong foundation cloud.

3. Ensure that IT is still running 24 hours a day

Current business conditions require the infrastructure that runs non-stop and the cloud is the perfect platform to make it happen. To keep your cloud runs 24 hours continuously, you must ensure that the data and applications can be moved dynamically throughout the cloud environment.

It is important to conduct instant failover in disaster recovery situations, and so that administrators can perform maintenance without interruption. Successful cloud environment should be able to provide flexibility to the administrators to be able to balance workloads as business needs change.

4. Balancing speed with efficiency

Essential requirements for the transition to cloud is the ability to move from simply optimizing the infrastructure to optimize service. Server virtualization enables provisioning and rapid deployment of new capabilities that companies can respond, innovate and penetrate the market more quickly.

To realize this fully, make sure your new cloud environment can be efficiently enhanced throughout the infrastructure, so that eventually you will not add complexity to the cloud environment.

Cloud early adopters have realized that his way is to adopt a unified architecture, because it can provide flexibility, elastic and transparent transfer of data to support the non-stop services and service automation.

5. A focus on innovation instead of maintenance

Cloud computing provides the ability for IT to transform the company from an organization that focuses on the maintenance of an organization that innovates. Cloud environment will enable IT to implement faster services, automate many routine maintenance and even presents a self-service to the users, so may take time for IT administrators to tasks that are more strategic.

In essence, by investing in cloud computing and converged data center, the company says can reduce overall IT costs, while achieving flexibility and higher efficiency.

While the first company to implement effectively the various demands for cloud computing than its competitors, it is believed will gain a competitive advantage of IT for the next few years.

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