Important factors Off Page In Seo

Important factors, Off Page In Seo
1. Positive Factors Off Page

Off page optimization factors for a blog / website, we need to know and study the character of Google first. This is because search engines pay attention to some of the off page factors that we can use for optimization SERP, the following is a positive factor for off page seo optimization, among others:

a. Incoming Links
• Pagerank, pagerank of this determination depends on the number and quality of the link to the blog (backlinks).
• Total incoming backlinks to your blog / website
• incoming links from pages that have high rankings
• Anchor text of incoming links can slightly affect the off page
• The longer the age of the link, then the better for backlinks
• backlinks from popular pages favored by Google
• The fewer the number of links coming out of backlinks the better
• Position the links on that page to backlinks. If our blog link is on the order first then it would be the best
• Keyword density on the page very effective backlink to the search keyword
• The title of the backlink pages are also quite influential with the topic of our blog, if the topic as it will be better
• Google will give a significant improvement, if you get a link from the site "expert"
• The theme of the same or related blog would be better
• The theme of the blog that is not the same / not related, less good in the eyes of Google

b. Directory
• Registering the site to the Dmoz Directory, this is because the Dmoz directory associated with Google
• Enter your blog / site to Dmoz by category matches
• directory structure can affect the SERP
• Site map / site map can also affect the SERP

c. The behavior of visitors
• Traffic page, if the number of visitors to your blog / website the more it will further enhance seo ranking in Google
• CTR (Click Through Rate) page, the more pages in the click or in view the better
• If your blog / website we have a good article, so visitors will love to read and look longer. This will provide benefits and the number of hits that are relevant to the blog
• A good article will usually be in the bookmarks by visitors and is considered both by Google
• Another alternative if we are good articles is keywords visitors will note on the article to be able to rediscover our blog via keyword search on google search
• If time is used by visitors to read our article is relatively long it will add points that are good for blogs

2. Negative Factors Off Page
Here are the negative factors that could affect the off page seo blog rankings in search engines, namely:

• Purchase of traffic, if you want to buy traffic from the company then we must first examine where the origin / source of traffic that will be sent. Do not let the traffic sent from the adult web, drugs, warez / illegal web content and others. But it would be better if the incoming traffic to the blog is free traffic from search engine optimization that we do
• Link image map and javascript links are redundant can be a problem
• A blog must have at least one incoming link from the web / other blogs
• Purchase a link can cause problems for our blog, should be avoided
• Hiding the page. Google will block if we only have one page to search engines alone while the other pages to the public, but given the tag "noindex" so that Google can not index the new page on the blog / web
• Links are bad, avoid backlink from a bad or problematic sites or from FFA (Free For All)
• Find out more details of the Google TOS (Terms Of Service) in order not penalized
• For those who already use their own domain or hosting and the new will wear it, should we check the stability of the server account providers. Because if often drop, it will disrupt the process of indexing the new pages to your blog / web Important factors Off Page In Seo

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