Facebook Dislike
 Facebook Dislike

The facebookers probably very familiar with any of the features facebook "Like", on facebook you could give Like / Love / thumb to a status, photos, notes, links, and even comment, but what if you do not like it? while Facebook does not provide facilities Dislike / Hate, but with the help of FBDislike application, you can dislike status, photos, notes, links that you think is interesting.

To use this facility you must first download and install this application, currently only available for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

FB Dislike facebook page, or just download the plugin for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

To use, just like the like Button.

How to Remove Virus Stuxnet the explosive Harddrive

Virus Stuxnet the explosive Harddrive

For those of you Internet users, should be quite cautious when visiting the website address that indicates pornographic content or users who download software crack, because it could have turned out the file is actually a trojan script "Stuxnet".

If you've already run the file, then "Stuxnet" has managed to infect a computer, and will make some files as follows:

ü C: WINDOWSsystem32winsta.exe
ü C: WINDOWSsystem32driversmrxcls.sys
ü C: WINDOWSsystem32driversmrxnet.sys

File "winsta.exe" made to swell for the rest of the existing hard disk space, causing the hard drive becomes full (usually the C drive or system of the OS). While the file mrxcls.sys and mrxnet.sys an active file is used to infect other computers and devices that are connected (like a USB flash / removable drive).

Winsta.exe was actually a native Windows file useful. WinStation Monitor, which is one of the tools from Microsoft that is used on Windows 2000 to monitor Terminal Services client session. Location of these files should also be located in C: Program FilesResourceswinsta.exe.

Further details on the following article: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/320190

Some of the symptoms and effects that occur if you are infected with trojan "Stuxnet" is as follows:

- Harddisk computers on the network full and compact suddenly get a warning "Low Disk Space". File winsta.exe which grew to adjust the remaining hard drive space you have (the C drive or system OS).

File Winsta bigger, adjust the remaining hard drive space available

- Due to an empty hard drive space remaining, will certainly lead to a notification from the windows system which informs you that the remaining hard drive space was empty.

Low Disk Space warning caused by swelling of Winsta so spend the rest of hard drive space.

- Due to an empty hard disk space, then you can not store data or run certain programs that require the remaining hard drive space / use the cache.

- The computer will seem to hang / slow and even if you are connected to the network will be disconnected, this is because "Stuxnet" that infect computers and a file system. Some Windows system files that are victims of infection are:

1. Svchost: files associated with a network connection, by infecting this file then the network will be disconnected.
2. Lsass: make the computer hangs and slow and restarts itself, performed by infecting files.
3. Spoolsv: can not print the data through the printer, this is done by infecting files.


Trojan "Stuxnet" make the most use usb or network share the full access. Trojans will make the computer automatically infection, because by creating two files that would happen with a good execution, namely:

Ø ~ WTR [angka_acak]. Tmp
Ø ~ WTR [angka_acak]. Tmp


Some registry modifications made by the virus "Bekol" are as follows:

- Adding a Registry



Steps should be taken to conduct clearing the virus "Bekol" is as follows:
- Clean virus removal tools with Dr.Web CureIt. You can download the following link:

www.freedrweb.com/download+ CureIt /

Use Dr. Web CureIt to detect and eradicate Stuxnet

- Fix the windows registry that has been modified by a virus with the following steps:

o Copy the script below using WordPad. Click the [Start] ïƒ [All Programs] ïƒ [Accessoris] ïƒ [Wordpad].


Signature = "$ Chicago $"
Provider = Vaksincom Oyee
AddReg = UnhookRegKey
DelReg = del


HKCU, SoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerAdvanced, ShowSuperHidden, 0x00010001, 1
HKCU, SoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerAdvanced, SuperHidden, 0x00010001, 1
HKCU, SoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerAdvanced, HideFileExt, 0x00010001, 0
HKLM, SOFTWARECLASSESbatfileshellopencommand ,,,"""% 1 ""% * "
HKLM, SOFTWARECLASSEScomfileshellopencommand ,,,"""% 1 ""% * "
HKLM, SOFTWARECLASSESexefileshellopencommand ,,,"""% 1 ""% *
HKLM, SOFTWARECLASSESpiffileshellopencommand ,,,"""% 1 ""% * "
HKLM, SOFTWARECLASSESregfileshellopencommand,,, "regedit.exe"% 1 ""
HKLM, SOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionWinlogon, Shell, 0, "Explorer.exe"

HKLM, SYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesMRxCls
HKLM, SYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesMRxNet
HKLM, SYSTEMControlSet001ServicesMRxCls
HKLM, SYSTEMControlSet002ServicesMRxNet
HKLM, SYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesEnumRootLEGACY_MRXClS
HKLM, SYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesEnumRootLEGACY_MRXNET
HKLM, SYSTEMControlSet001ServicesEnumRootLEGACY_MRXClS
HKLM, SYSTEMControlSet002ServicesEnumRootLEGACY_MRXNET

Save the file with the name "repair.inf". Use the Save as type option to Text Document in order to avoid mistakes.
Right-click the file "repair.inf" then select "Install". Restart the computer.

- Clean temporary files, this in order to prevent the rest of the trojan is trying to be active again. Use tools like "ATF Cleaner" or use the windows feature is "Disk Clean-Up".

Emergency solution to overcome Winsta:

To prevent it from re-infecting, you can use the following script:

@ Echo off

del / f c: windowssystem32winsta.exe
brake rd c: windowssystem32winsta.exe
md c: windowssystem32winsta.exe
del / f c: windowssystem32driversmrxnet.sys
brake rd c: windowssystem32driversmrxnet.sys
md c: windowssystem32driversmrxnet.sys
del / f c: windowssystem32driversmrxcls.sys
brake rd c: windowssystem32driversmrxcls.sys
md c: windowssystem32driversmrxcls.sys
attrib + r + h + s c: windowssystem32winsta.exe
attrib + r + h + sc: windowssystem32driversmrxnet.sys
attrib + r + h + sc: windowssystem32driversmrxnet.sys

Save the file with the name "winsta.bat". Use the Save as type option to Text Document in order to avoid mistakes.

2x click the file.

- For optimal cleaning and prevent re-infection, re-scan using an updated antivirus and recognize this virus very well.

Tips Indexed By Google

Google, currently still in demand by Internet users with search enginenya. Of course at this time for webmasters, not only can create and build a website, but also how that site is selling in the eyes of users of Internet users.

One thing that is done is by using search engines to appear on the first page on search engines, especially Google. So many, that currently web developers vying for the website indexed on Google and the SEO mengoptimasikannya to appear in position 1. Moreover, if there is a surefire way to be indexed in google.

Before knowing how apt indexed on Google, need to know first how search engines work so as to bring results.

Crawling is the process of retrieving useful information from a web page. Usually performed by a robot, a machine that works mencrawl information page. When a spider finds a link he will retrace those links, as well as on. However, not all links will spider through it, then there is the term that dofollow links. Dofollow link means that the link is allowed by a page for dicrawl by spider-spider search engines. Spiders for google, googlebot called.
Indexing is the process of entering the data carried by the spider into the database. Well, here the process of indexing done to sort the data according to the algorithm of each search engine. Google pagerank algorithm on a determination of indexing. Where the higher the pagerank, then indexing the position will be at the top in a database.
Searching is the process of matching data from users who want to find a keyword with the database in accordance with the existing indexing. So anything that match the search keyword will be displayed in order of indexing.
Result, is the process of displaying the results of searching by perngguna on search engines. So the result yangdimunculkan is the answer to the searching of a database that is indexed. And usually visitors will only see the result between page 1-5, if they do not find the results on the page serve targeted, then the keyword search will be replaced with another.
From that process, indexing into determining where a page of information on a website will be sorted in a database which will affect the search results. And the indexing process starts by crawling a web page. So now how to have a web page touched by the search engine spiders, especially google. And will eventually be indexed in google database. In simple terms there are two surefire way:

Automatically, it means the spider will automatically come to your pages and will be getting information from our website then mengindexnya in the database. Well, this can happen if the links are placed within our website to websites that are indexed. That is the pattern we have a lot to spread the links, especially links that are dofollow.
Manual, meaning we put our own links into a search engine spider list. In google there are addresses that can be used to submit the link, ie, addurl. By entering into our links list spider then at least our website is included into the list spidernya google. Thus enabling our website will be touched by the spider and will eventually be indexed by google.
The second way that's a surefire way indexed in google. Both the automatic and manual everything can be done. So that later will indicate how fast our website indexed by google with both the above.

Site Promotion On Search Engines

Natural Listings are you registering your website on search engines to be indexed in a database search engine is to be displayed on search results via search engines. In conducting the natural listings, there are several major search engines that you need to register include:

Google http://www.google.com/addurl
Yahoo http://search.yahoo.com/info/submit.html
MSN http://beta.search.msn.com/docs/submit.aspx
Dmoz http://www.dmoz.org/add.html

You need to register your internet business website on the four major search engines above, except that you can register your website on search engines
Or use the services website registration / "URL Submission" as:

http://www.freewebsubmission. com

The aim is that your business website appear on search engines every person typing in search keywords that match your business type.
Quick Tips to get a high position on search engines is

Creating a Title, metatags, and Description that suits your business type and contain the keyword.
Creating website content rich in keywords according to your type of business
Creating Back Links as much as possible from other websites of the same type of business or business websites that provide complementary products for your business.

8 Reasons Blogger / Blogspot is better than by hosting your own Wordpress

Probably most Bloggers say wordpress with hosting their own better than bloggers can use, but not all think like that, Blogger also has its own advantages of on wordpress, which makes bloggers persisted until now.

1. FREE to use and easy setup

Blogger.com is free to use while Wordpress to Host its own cost, although Wordpress is also free, you need to buy the hosting cost, while managed by Google's Blogger and hosting provided free of charge. You can make a lot of the articles you want, with unlimited bandwidth. No FTP account to manage, No Database and infinite bandwidth, so do not worry even if the millions of visitors reading your blog at a time.

2. No complex databases that need to manage

Unlike Wordpress, there is no option to manage the database in the face of bloggers, it makes it easier for you to concentrate on writing rather than install the plugin and backing up the entire database every time you make major changes in your blog, and thus there is no risk of losing your data .

3. No additional code

Blogger A blog of all sections in it together into one in the XML file. This file contains any and all of your blog (except the heading). Your scripts, meta tags, css, all settings, widgets, etc. are stored in one file. While the WP, there are some files to manage, if you need to install something in the header, you must open the file containing the code this header. Similarly, to put something under the post title, you need to open some other files. It becomes easier when the blogger as a single file that contains all kinds of code.

4. Not afraid to crash site

Because there is a database in Wordpress, there is always a risk to the hackers infiltrated. Any and everything (including blog posts) are stored in the database. Of course this can be changed, in clear and even be deleted easily if the wrong people gain access to your database. Your site could be damaged if something is accidentally deleted from any table. In Blogger, there is no database like that at all so you get more time to concentrate on your writing rather than doing the job database management.

5. Easy Backup & Restore

On Blogger, back up your blog is just enough by a click of the button work. And the Backup button provided on the main settings page. You can store the complete XML file locally on your system. To Restore, the same page and accessed by uploading the files you can restore your blog easily. But in WordPress there is given the option to backup. You need to install some plugins to do this or go to the phpmyadmin panel separately to access your database to download locally.

6. Page Layout comfortable and easy on the set

Making changes to the bloggers who are so easy that you do not need to read the manual help to start your blog. Setting a complete view of your site is made very easy through the layout page where you can simply drag and drop widgets on the spot where you want it to appear. In this WP page layouts like this comes with the ease of drag n drop, but you can not see the layout of your actual blog right from the Settings page.

7. No buggy code in Plugin

Wordpress plugins a lot of support. This plugin was developed to make a lot of features to your blog. But because almost all the plugins made by freelance or personal developers and there is no official support provided by the WordPress plugin to monitor this. If a plugin or plugins are not compatible with corrupt code installed, this can cause severe damage to your site in many ways.
In blogger, there are widgets that do not make your site look bad in any way if they are damaged or not properly configured. If the widget is damaged or not working you will immediately get an error when saving changes while the WP ever warn you in this case.

8. No theme (theme) or a plugin that does not match

As I said above, that the wordpress plugin should be compatible with WP version you use. If a plugin is older or incompatible installed you will have so many errors that are often difficult to detect. As with WordPress themes. Developers should upgrade the plugin and theme each time a new version of WP is released.

In the blogger there is no such thing at all. All the themes are 100% compatible no matter how old it is. Same goes for the widget. Blogger.com is very stable. Even if you install the widget corrupt you will get an error message to complete before saving changes.

Wordpress and Blogger? Where do you think is better?

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