7 Great Lessons from the Life Story of Steve Jobs

7 Great Lessons from the Life Story of Steve Jobs
7 Great Lessons from the Life Story of Steve Jobs Maybe you know a good Apple product, but what about the story of its founder? Here's a brief biography of Steve Jobs along with 7 points which we can learn from the life of Steve Jobs during his life, 56 years. Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs, the Steve Jobs
Steve was born with the name of Steve Paul Jobs. Born on February 25, 1955 in San Francisco, United States, Small Jobs to get the name of the adopted parents Paul and Clara Jobs. It was unclear why Jobs was adopted by these two men. Steve Jobs

Biological parents than Steve Jobs is also has a brilliant brain. The father, Abdulfattah John Jandali is a professor of political science. While his mother, Joanne Simpson is a speech therapist.

Began to build Apple

Jobs started work in 1974 on the Atari with a professional technician. Atari is a company that designed the circuit board. In 1976, Jobs founded the company with his partner Steve Wozniak, the company now known as the white Apple logo, Apple. With a vision to change the world, Jobs started his career.

After removing the first computer called the Macintosh, Steve Jobs must be willing to be fired by then Apple CEO John Sculley named. Internal tensions resulting rift working relationship is also affected by declining corporate performance. Jobs also regarded as a bad-tempered, easily change his mind and stubborn.

The first point here seems clear that Jobs was at the lowest point in his life, abandoned his partner and must get out of the company he envisioned.

The second point, his name is not Steve Jobs when he surrendered to the conditions of his life. Jobs then establish a new company called NeXT Computer. The resulting product at NeXT is considered failed and costly. Suffering Steve Jobs is still not over. Despite failing, this makes Steve's career for the better in the future.

The third point, Jobs, who acquired The Graphics Group in 1986, a small animation film studio. The Graphics Group, which later changed its name to Pixar's success started to move in the next year. Jobs Success is obtained after the release of Toy Story in 1995. I still remember the very first film I liked, and I think you also. From this I learned that Jobs always looking for or may make its own success path. Without the looming shadow of the past that actually makes it quite stressful. Not only that, Jobs can start the success story of the field instead of the computer industry, film animation.

The fourth point, the end of 1996, Jobs Apple would try to acquire NeXT. With the pretext that the NeXT operating system has required Apple, Jobs had sold NeXT to Apple for USD 429 Million. Once again, Jobs did not stop with the success of Toy Story. Jobs also managed to transform the company into capital that is not profitable for him.

Five points, thanks to his talents, that when Jobs returned to Apple eventually served as CEO. From 1997, abandoned Jobs issued a phenomenal products like the Apple iPod, iMac, iPhone, iPad and deliver successful iCloud Apple's huge success, even in the stock market. Jobs success thanks to hard work, unyielding spirit and desire to create products that change the world, according to Apple's vision when he founded the first time.

The sixth point, Jobs must have haunted its past glory with pancreatic cancer in August 2004 and eventually had to undergo surgery. Jobs, who eventually was named the best CEO of the American, who had repeatedly entered his name on leave due to poor health conditions. Here, Jobs was still thinking about the world and continue to create products while still in an unhealthy condition.

Seven points, Jobs knew him and thought for the company. The team chose Cook as the next CEO of Apple, Jobs resigned from Apple too. By reason of health conditions continue to decline, Jobs officially resigned on August 24, 2011. Public doubts legacy Jobs, Apple, which is considered less influential in the absence of Steve Jobs. Although the stock market had showed the largest declines, the stock finally recovered even had time to ride.

Steve, who was once famous for his temper, even now regarded as a visionary. In the family, he is regarded as a warm father. Even many who publicly expressed his appreciation for the contribution of Steve Jobs in the technology world. Jobs seems to be a different. Yes, she changed into a better person. 7 Great Lessons from the Life Story of Steve Jobs

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