Samsung S2 Galaxy beat the Apple iPhone 4

Samsung S2 Galaxy beat the Apple iPhone 4
Samsung S2 Galaxy beat the Apple iPhone 4
Maybe you still have the mind that the iPhone is superior than the Samsung, but that's not true, according to reader's poll Techradar. Samsung S2 Galaxy was selected as the most Desired phone in the world market today. S2 also beat the iPhone 4.

Results Techradar it answers the question: if given the choice, what a smartphone that will replace the current phone Techradar readers? The set of voting Galaxy S2 and iPhone 4 only has reached 5391 votes, or about 70%. Two phones that means high demand by readers Techradar.

Galaxy S2 holds the reins of the throne by the number of voters to 47%, well above the iPhone 4 that only won 23% of the vote.

Of course, when the iPhone 5 is released next month there will be changes 'wind'. Prediksnya, the wind will side with Apple.

The third position belonged to the HTC Sensation with record 11% of the vote. 4th place? So it's a smartphone Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc who collected the number of votes 4%.

Raihan Arc with the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and on top of Google's Nexus S plus Desire S.

Here are the full results of his poll:

Samsung S2 Galaxy - 47%

Apple iPhone 4-23%

HTC Sensation - 11%

SE Xperia Arc - 4%

BlackBerry Bold 9900 - 4%

Desire S - 2%

Google Nexus S - 2%

BlackBerry Torch 9810-1%

LG Optimus 7-1%

Motorola Atrix - 1%

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