11 Mistakes Website or Blog

11 Mistakes Website or Blog
Example of a good website is like 'this' bit of style but full of science and benefits :)

  1. Pages filled with a large banner on the front. Something that serious but often I have seen. When one sees the front page of your website, they want to know what you provided there. Banner on each page try not more than 250 pixels.
  2. Use of Javasript like drunk people want to show off muscles. While you have the ability to insert Javascript into your page cool, do not. Most importantly, do not have JS that is decorative. As the website that has a clock moving alongside the cursor, the snow fell, and the shimmy-shimmy page every 15 seconds. Eliminate all that.
  3. Using the frame.Do not use frames for your website. Point. Why? First, because when there frame, one can not bookmark a page (since the terbookmark just the frame alone, not including navigation, etc.). Second, search engines like google can be problematic.
  4. Flash animation just so cool. Flash is a great innovation, if used appropriately (on YouTube, for example). But, do not use for animation-animation flickering, rocking, and do anything, including your visitors away. I do not care about the text you rocked it. Especially avoid Flash for the menu, because search engines can not follow the link to your pages to another.
  5. Color contrast too. Be careful also with the use of texture / pattern. Do not display text on top of a pattern, unless it has been designed with the appropriate (for example, using a large text with a glow around it).
  6. Do not force me!  "Make this page into your homepage! Click the OK button. "" Give us the vote, before going to the website! "Visitors come to your site looking for information or service, rather than looking for ways to make you famous. Remember, your website is there for visitors, not for you.
  7. Decoration is not important.This may be a bit surprising, but things such as, for example, the number of visitors is something not important. I do not need to know how many visitors you are, and it's also not the right size for the popularity of a website. As with musical accompaniment, a large photo of your face on the front page, and the like. Including the likes of marquee also considered "cool". Heart - heart with them.
  8. Page "coming soon". C'mon, I know you have good information for me. If not, I'll go. Do not offer a link, but when I click the link that appears is a page that reads "coming soon". What a waste of time. Do not show something that is not finished, because it will only disappoint your visitors.
  9. Navigation is not clear. Many people love the metaphor in his website. However, it's not a good idea. If any page containing the article, give it a name "article", not "well" or "treasury". Immediately, to-the-point, because it's confusing for first-time visitors arrive. There are even websites that navigation only pictures or even empty, and will only appear after the cursor is placed on it. It's very, very confusing visitors.
  10. Like a billboard advertisement. I understand that websites need funding. But be careful with that ad. Websites that may actually be good, can be broken simply because of the ad.
  11. Who are you. Give you a clear identity on the front page. If it is a personal website, saying "I am an oil paint artist who received general orders." If you are a company, write, "we are a company that manufactures children's shoes. Visit our online store at [link] ". Do not use the language of marketing. Whatever you want to say, do not say "we are superior and multinational companies and has a reliable and educated competitiveness".

Website http://healthtipsandsex.blogspot.com/ or www.knowledge-shared.blogspot.com need criticism, suggestions, comments. Both the content and appearance. This can help me to fix the shortcomings / my fault. So that your visitors can enjoy this site. Thank you. Example of a good website is like 'this' bit of style but full of science and benefits :)

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