Create Your Own Avatar on BlackBerry With Avatar Builder

Create Your Own Avatar on BlackBerry With Avatar Builder

Want to have your Avatar in the BlackBerry cool? Make your own by using the Avatar Builder without the need for photo processing application on your computer like Photoshop.

Download and Install avatar BlackBerry applications

Open the App World application and enter the keyword 'avatar' or 'avatar builder'pada search bar.
Select a category All of the search results earlier.
You can select the version Guys or Girls edition after desire.
Click Download to download the application. Wait until the download is finished.
After that, click Run to run the application avatar maker.
Well now you can start making an avatar:

Once the application Avatar Builder opens, click Create to make avatars.
Choose a hairstyle, skin tone, color and shape of the eyes, mouth, eyebrows, mustache or beard.
Select also clothes, underwear and accessories you want to use such as glasses, guitars, mobile phones or headphones.
Choose a background color.
Save the avatar by clicking the icon top left corner. Give the name and click Save.
Want to make a random avatar? Press wrote the dice on the top left to make a random avatar.
If still not cool, edited by selecting the View or Edit Avatar. Once in the Save, Avatar you are ready mejeng in BlackBerry. Create Your Own Avatar on BlackBerry With Avatar Builder

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