Safe Tips Facebooking at Office using Microsoft Excel

Safe Tips Facebooking at Office using Microsoft Excel
Addicted to Facebook? Want up-an in the office, but no regulations are prohibited from using Facebook during work hours? Use, your Facebook posing as Microsoft Excel.

With a view Excel, your Facebook 'appears in a more professional'. This site is disguises. Display up on this site in the form of an Excel spreadsheet tables. But the content is actually a Facebook activities. If you open up this way, you'll still look like he was working.

There was the name of the account,'s latest posting similar to those appearing on the wall, and photographs of the latest tag. You can find friends account in the formula bar. The columns also display the comments, information to anyone who like a post, and links.

If there are four statements like, point the cursor to the column, and forth the names of which had signs posted like's it. The interface looks lonely without pictures?

Do not worry. If you hover over the name or image link, the photo will appear as thumbnails at the bottom right corner. Well, now less what else? Safe Tips Facebooking at Office using Microsoft Excel

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