Researching Before Buying a Laptop

Researching Before Buying a Laptop
Carefully Before buying a laptop, you've got to know in advance how the product works or need your support in the future. In general, the size of a mini laptop in them (under 10 inches), thin, and lightweight (10 inches? 14 inches), mainstream (14 inches? 15.4 inches), and a desktop replacement (17 inches? 21 inches).

If you want to use a laptop instead of a PC / home computer, look for notebooks with screen sizes of at least 15 inches so you can work more comfortably. Big screen is also practical as a media presentation to the client. Conversely, if you often travel on business, choose a notebook with a size of 12 inches or less.

If only for typing or routine work in Word or Excel, then the standard processor is more than enough to meet the needs (eg Pentium 4). However, when using the laptop for design, video editing to gaming, it is advisable to choose a processor that has a reasonably good performance (eg Core 2 Duo or more).

Although already set the screen size, but you are also faced with the choice of type screen, which is a standard or wide. Choose a wide format because it is more convenient and good views with a minimum resolution of 1024 x 768. There is also a type that looks more glossy shine, but less comfortable to read. Finally, type a more matte finish provide comfort when dealing with text or writing.

The larger the memory (RAM), the faster the performance of the notebook. For standard usage, with a capacity of 512 MB of memory? 1GB is enough. For graphic design, gaming, and video editing, 2GB is the ideal memory size.

If the file is a document in the notebook, hard disk capacity of 80GB is more than enough. But when more store song files, video, and high resolution images, you should select the hard disk capacity of 160GB or more.

Choose a notebook that is equipped with CD / DVD writer. Because maybe one day we need to move files on the notebook to a CD / DVD or vice versa. If no, can add a CD / DVD writer external USB connection.

Connectivity is very useful for easy transfer of files from one device to another device in the form of USB, Bluetooth (if you want to connect to the phone), WiFi or Ethernet port (local area network / LAN) to connect to the internet or hotspot. Researching Before Buying a Laptop

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