Build a Natural Blog Liked by Google from 0

Build  a Natural Blog Liked by Google from 0
Build  a Natural Blog Liked by Google from 0
To create  a website yourself without the help of  the manufacturer's service website takes more than just ideas and web editor software good. Side should provide a menu option to use with a clear structure, layout and techniques used are also must be harmonious. Thus, the first-tanma have made ​​a careful planning to produce a good web. Starting from a private or commercial, profitable or not advantageous, however, in the planning and
designing a web when we create a personal web if there is Small mistakes can ditolerin, not so with the company's web, because the aim is to attract as many customers. in order to  create a website using google like facilities for those of you who want to secure your account adsens

Selects Address (Domain)
This stage does not always have to be done in stages but first must consider what will be the address at use by the web that you create. try to immediately buy a domain that is desired. Do not let your web finished with a nice, but the domain you want is already used by others.

Choose Hosting
Hosting is where your host or store Web files that you create. Decide whether you want to buy space serving or hosting will be making your own webs. If you to choose your web hosting files, then select a hosting provider who no longer in doubt the reliability or ask your friends and you can also Searing with other users via the internet. If you choose to make your own web serving, use applications that have been reliable and trusted for his prowess in serve a use as the web and you can also hire an IT to download the settings and make the system security nice to avoid the attack by hackers. 

Making the Right Design  
First you must clearly define design is clear. Who are you going to, how to look page, means and what techniques you use, and you also must have thinking about multimedia effects what you use to beautify your web page. For example you want to add animation, you can use Macromedia Flash to make it.
Website Designing Display
If you have to understand clearly which way your web fixed, now you just make your website look attractive
possible so that visitors feel at home and visit as often as possible your website. Usually creative ideas come when we as often as possible browsing to look around and take the creative ideas from competitors. do not
imitate, create other more interesting variations. Or you can also download a web template from the internet for free or there is also are paid.

Test the HostingBefore
Some mistakes will inevitably be found after completion your web design, web consistency, test the hyperlink, the position element-eleman correct page on every web page should continue in observing, as well as in general appearance. You can also ask assistance to your friends to correcting your website, because in general they can provide suggestions for improving your website. If you want your visitors to get looks
the same page, you must use testing on existing browsers. such as Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator,
Opera, and Mozilla Firefox. 

By updating the Periodic
After you have successfully launched the web on your desaign own step by step. then it's time you update
sacar periodically so that the visitors are not bored and fed up with the contents (content) to your web.
Perform repairs on a regular basis in order to improve the web you, accommodating all the suggestions and criticisms of the visitors to to correct or provide creative ideas.

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