How to Secure Personal File

How to Secure Personal File
How to Secure Personal File
One time, there are conditions where you want your personal files (for example thesis file, or file the final project) do not want to be known by others. Therefore there are a few ways to safeguard your personal files. One is to use Folder Lock software. You can get this software at the website address: Or it could be this address: This software simply can secure your personal data, so if there are others who try to explore the files on your computer.

Immediately wrote us into the way it works How to Secure Personal File. There are several steps that must be done. The way is as follows:
1. Folder Lock software to install.
2. Run the software Folder Lock
The interface is as follows:
3. Enter the password as you created when you install the software Folder
Lock. Then press OK
 4. If it gets in, will appear like this:
5. Then click browse to start locking the file you want.
6. After that click lock for locking your files.
When later you'll open it again, then:
1. Run the software Folder Lock
2. Enter a password.
3. Click Open, to open the file that you lock in advance.

Folder lock enough to help you to secure your personal files. Hopefully this tutorial helpful to you. Thank you. ^_^

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