Make it Easy Attack On the PC, with a Hacking Tool

Make it Easy Attack On the PC, with a Hacking Tool
First, perhaps only those computer savvy and technology that could launch a cyber crime. But now, just need some money to buy a device to be able to attack other computers.

A number of device names such as WebAttacker, CrimePack, IcePack and dozens of 'device independent crime' has now sold freely online at a price of less than U.S. $ 1,000. Some hacking tools are often called "exploit kits' or 'attack toolkits' and some even priced at less than U.S. $ 100.

Such applications allow even an amateur to steal passwords or financial information to others, as well as using the victim's computer to send spam. Such information is quoted from the site WTOP, Thursday (05/06/2010).

So do not be surprised, without any special skills, a layman can instantly turned into a 'bot herder', control the infected computer like a robot, free install spyware and grabbed cash from fraudulent emails they send.

A report from the internet and computer security firm M86 Security Labs said that Russia dominates device market share in the hacking world. While the United States became a country that often become the target of attacks by hackers.

The report also reveals M86, currently booming services to conduct computer attacks. "We found there is one website that offers the services of a computer attack. Simply pay U.S. $ 170 to infect 1,000 computers, "wrote the M86.

For that Internet security experts insist is not enough just to update anti-virus software to ward off a variety of computer attacks. Computer users are advised to always use a firewall, be alert to any suspicious emails, and be careful when downloading and sharing files

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