Knowing the specifications of your PC using Piriform Speecy Details

Why use this software? Why not use standard  Windows features that use computer properties or direct X diagnostic (dxdiag)? Because this software is more to explain in detail about the hardware installed on your PC.
If using Computer Properties:

The information contained only a version of Operating System, Processor, and RAM capacity
Using  Device Manager
It seems  none the less. Incomplete  if there is no information about mainboardnya. Incidentally, I want to know the brands and types of its Mainboard.  Description of the hard disk, VGA, LAN & Audio  exists.
using dxdiag
step 1

START -> RUN -> dxdiag
 then comes  this image:

The information we want is complete. But we have to open the program and then one by one.  It took a long time. By using Piriform Speecy, all the information we want is programmed directly stated, this software also includes a free freeware we downloaded on the internet.
Using Piriform Speecy

Summary section of this application displays all of the specifications yamg hardware and operating system installed on the PC.


Knowing the  specifications of your  PC using Piriform Speecy Details!

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