Laugh Answer Feature "Siri" in Samsung iPhone 4S

Laugh Answer Feature "Siri" in Samsung iPhone 4S
iPhone 4S comes with excellent features named Siri. This feature makes the user can do with voice commands. Software that runs the IOS operating system 5 is able to answer questions, give advice, or execute various commands, such as an agenda or setting the alarm.

Siri All this is done by using natural language and the liquid so that the 'conversation' with this application seem more humane. But whether Siri can also understand the questions 'stupid' that should not be asked at a technology device.

It turned out that Siri is able to answer these questions bizarre this is hilarious,, which publishes the answers to the question strange Siri from users.

To the question, "Can you kill someone for me?", For example, Siri replied, "I found three psychiatric hospitals close to your location." Funny thing is Siri featuring three addresses mental treatment center that is closest to the location of the user.

When the user says to Siri, "You really look great?" Siri react by responding, "Indeed this is how I am." And when asked if he wanted to get married? "The agreement does not cover user lisensiku with marriage, I'm sorry."

Siri also has the ability to answer a question with a variety of different answers. For frequently asked questions like 'what is the meaning of life', for example, it has many answers.

As answers carelessly, "I do not know. But I think there is an application to answer." Severe enough to answer, like "This is a philosophical question about the purpose and significance of life or existence in general."

In the end, many who claim to fall in love with the superior features of this new iPhone, as did a user who uploaded the video on YouTube with the title "iPhone 4S: What Can You Say to Siri? Funny Easter Eggs". And when the feeling is expressed verbally to Siri, what's the answer? "I hope you do not say the same thing on another phone, Jessica."

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