Currently the development of data communication technology very rapidly at all, as the development of the matter, many of them appear new terms that sounded in our ears.These terms include HSPA, HSDPA, HSUPA, and EVDO.

Real world data communication is not a field that I understood better, but my curiosityabout it makes me try to share. Especially this week I am busy-busy trying to right the usb modem connection for which I register for FLASH family, considering interference with the EVDO connection on my residential home.

HSPA (High Speed ​​Packet Access) is the parent of HSDPA and HSUPA. HSPA is the result of the first wave of development of 3G technology, Release 99 (R99). So HSPAable to work much faster when compared with the R99 connection. Related CDMA networks, HSPA can be equated with Evolution Data Optimized (EV-DO) which is the development of CDMA2000.

HSDPA stands for High Speed ​​Downlink Packet Access Pebedaan between UMTSwith HSDPA is the speed that can be achieved. If 3G (pronounced Ji Tri) meanssupporting the speed UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System), which can only be a maximum of 384kbps. While HSDPA is theoretically able to reach 3.6Mbps(nearly 10 times the maximum speed UMTS), HSDPA is often called 3.5G (three and a half G technology) to distinguish from the previous 3G standard.

HSDPA technology enables the streaming video service, fast Internet access, andvideo conferencing. HSDPA is an enhancement of W-CDMA networks that alreadyexist. For information, W-CDMA is the name of the GSM technology that allows for 3G technology. HSDPA purposes, no other, is to increase the maximum speed of datatransfer, service quality, and efficiency.

Namely HSUPA stands for High Speed ​​Uplink Packet Access, the ability to upload datafrom your computer / laptop users to the Internet. Example: the speed of uploading photos to Facebook, blogs and so forth.

For providers that support HSDPA / HSUPA are now many include Telkomsel Flash, 3 (Three), IM2, and so on.

Ie EVDO stands for Evolution Data Optimized is the technology of the CDMA network.

Currently in Indonesia, is divided into two namely EVDO Rev O and Rev A. CDMAEVDO technology is believed to have the speed and competitive rates with 3G HSDPAGSM. For while this new EVDO technology can be enjoyed with the services of Frenwith SMART products Mobinya and operators. Even today both providers has joined forces with a product that is named smartfren merekaÂ

A little explanation about the level of the CDMA network connection speed:

CDMA 1X technology has a maximum download speed of 153 Kbps
Technology EVDO Rev O maximum download speed of 2.4 Mbps
Technology EVDO Rev A has a maximum download speed of 3.1 Mbps
For quality and speed of Internet access which one is better than technology on top?The answer is RELATIVE. Since it is very dependent on:

Density of users in our area. To factor this one I've felt it myself. User EVDO in my areaare now overload leading to disruption and even the connection is lost.
Catch signal in our place, and this depends on the existing base stations in our environment.
Our location (whether blocked buildings, trees, etc.)
And factors of the operator itself

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