How To Backup Windows 7 Operating System

How To Backup Windows 7 Operating System

Maybe you've had experiences like this: When purchasing a notebook, you can baseballDVD Windows. But, in it already installed genuine Windows. That's called Windowstypes, aka OEM Original equipment manufacturer.

Experience continues. After you buy, maybe baseball's notebook left alone? Sure you're using. Not how long the notebook got virus and the severity can not get into Windows.

"It's easy, just re-install," you might think so. Eh, but it had been spelled out, you canbaseball DVD Windows. It had been so, can not also an antivirus installer, MicrosoftOffice, and other programs. Difficult is not it?

Eh, it's so, we must also update Windows, antivirus, and other programs. Operatingsystem and antivirus is the most frequent and regular updating, the problem the operating system and antivirus do update lngsung to the internet, and not leave themanual installer file on your HD. So in addition to reinstalling the operating system, youalso need an update patch that updates one by one. It will certainly take time andrequire a fairly large internet bandwidth.

To solve the above problem you can use these tips to make the "image" of Windowsyou are using. Application of image makers in Windows 7 will do backup of the wholething on your computer. When the system is in trouble oeprasi you just do another loadof his image.

In "layman", the principle it works exactly like your job you copy files to the flash disk.When your files are on your hard disk is damaged, you can still use the existing files in the flash disk.

The first we have to make a Image.

Let's discuss directly how the steps to build Image:

Step 1
To make the image in Windows 7, click the Start button, then typing "backup" (without thequotes). Click on "Backup And Restore".

Step 2
Then click "Create System Image".

Step 3
Appears page "Where you want to save the backup", you can save on your hard disk,DVD, or another computer on the network. In this example, we select a local hard disk inDrive E. Click "Next".

Step 4
Appears Confirm your backup settings page click "Start Backup".

Step 5
The backup process will run wait until the process is complete.

Step 6
Once the process is complete, a dialog box appears Do you want to create systemsreapir disk? Do you want to create a repair disk, you should select "Yes".

Step 7
Appears page Create a system repair disk, put your blank DVD into the DVD writer, thenclick "Create Disk"

After creating the image we have to do the Restore Image.

Here are the steps to restore image

Step 1
To perform a Restore Image, you can use DVD disc repair system that has been made​​.You can also use the DVD installer Windows 7. If your operating system can still boot, you can press F8 during boot. In this example, we use the DVD installer windows 7. Putthe DVD-ROM DVD-do not forget to make the computer boot from the DVD-ROM

Then comes language page, click "Next".

Step 2
Windows 7 installation page appears select the Repair your computer

Step 3
System Recovery Options page appears click the "Restore your computer using asystem image you created Earlier That", then click "Next".

Step 4
Page appears Select a system image backup. Usually the computer will recognize thebackup files automatically. If you store the Backup Image on a DVD or file sharing on thenetwork, you can choose "Select a system image". We select "Use the latest availablesystem image" for the file exists on your hard disk. Click "Next".

Step 5
Appears restore the Choose additional options click "Next".

Step 6
Confirmation page appears, then click "Finish".

Then the warning dialog box appears, click "Yes".

Next wait until the process is complete.

If you are finished click the "Start Now".

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