How to Fix Network Problems

How to Fix Network Problems are often a reason for a lot of frustration. They can involve both hardware and software issues and sometimes require considerable degree of expertise and/or money to deal with. Adding to the desperation of the situation is that the internet is a good source for troubleshooting information on how to fix network problems, yet with a network problem, the internet often becomes inaccessible.
A common problem is that the computer can't reach the network. This might occur due to a number of reasons. The most obvious thing to do in such a situation is to check out the connectivity of the network cable. If everything is alright with the cable, then you need to check out installation issued of your network hardware. This can be done from the device manager: Click on "Device Manager" to open it. Look for "Network Adapters" and click the plus sign next to it. If you see an explanation point or a red X, this indicates a problem with your network card. Also, check out your network configuration: Right-click "Network Places" on your desktop. Choose "Properties" from the menu. Look for the "Local Area Connection" icon. Right-click it and go to "Properties." Click on "TCP/IP." If nothing works you should note down the details of the error and search for a solution on the internet from a working terminal.
Another common problem is that computers on the network are unable to detect each other. You can start by first checking whether you have the necessary provisions installed: Right click the "Network Places" icon on your desktop. Click "Properties." On the "General" tab, make sure you have "Client for Microsoft Windows" and "File and Print Sharing for Microsoft Networks" and "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" installed. Check other computers likewise and make sure that all are on the same workgroup or domain. You can also try turning off the firewall to find out whether it is causing the problem.
Information of how to fix network problems is abundant on the internet and varies from situation to situation. A few minor problems like being unable to renew an IP address can be fixed through the command prompt: Start > Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt, then typing 'ipconfig /renew' to attempt to obtain an IP address from the command line. Some issues can be cured by setting up a static IP address. This was a little information of how to fix network problems, further research on the internet is encouraged.

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