Four Of The Most Common Computer Problems

As a computer user, you have most likely faced an issue with your computer at some point. There are several issues that can arise with computers. Here are four of the most common computer problems and their solutions.
1. Computer has Become Slow
This is the most commonly occurring problem. The main reason why your computer slows down is lack of maintenance. Improper management can result in a corrupted registry, fragmented data, unnecessary programs and malware. And, all these factors can make your system run slowly. To manage your computer properly, you should perform defragmentation, remove all unwanted programs, and install a good anti-malware.
2. Lockup, Freezes, and Blue Screens
These are also common computer problems. In majority of the cases these problems arise from the presence of spyware in your system. To avoid lockups, freezes, and blue screens, you should regularly update your spyware tool. New malware are constantly being created and not having an updated tool will make your system vulnerable to these malware.
If you have checked your system for spyware and found that there is none present in it, then you should update your hardware drivers. Communication between the computer and its different hardware components needs an up to date driver. Another way to avoid freezes is to increase the virtual memory. This will enable you to obtain more from the RAM of your computer.
3. The Computer Reboots/Turns Off
This is an issue that normally occurs due to a problem with the hardware. A cooling fan that is dirty or defective can cause this problem. This can cause the computer to automatically switch off. So, if the computer is giving out some extra heat, clean the fan and check if it is functioning properly. If everything is fine with the fan, see if the power supply is ok - the cables may not be connected properly.
4. Strange Sounds and Vibrations
This problem is almost entirely a hardware problem. The computer consists of many components. One of these components may become hinged. Wires can expand due to overheating. Electronic components can produce high pitch noises. Investigate the matter by running the computer with its case removed. If the problem is not simple, like a loose wire or fan issue, then leave it to an expert.
These are four of the common computer problems. Use the solutions provided to fix these problems. The darnedest PC issues may be a quick fix away.

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