How to install windows XP

How to install windows XP
By : Denis Ciala

To be prepared : 

  1. Computer set complete with a CDROM / DVDROM


Steps :
  1. Turn on the computer, then enter the system BIOS by pressing the DEL key (usually the DEL key or note the writing on the screen at the first turn on the computer).

  2. Change "1stboot device" which is usually found at ADVANCE SETTING to CDROM / DVDROM.

  3. Press F10 or select the SAVE CHANGES AND EXIT.

  4. The computer will restart automatically.

  5. Restart the computer, watch the screen will appear the words "PRESS ANY KEY TO BOOT FROM CD", then press any key to boot the computer system from CDROM / DVDROM.

  6. Beginning of the installation process will run. Wait until it says "PRESS ENTER TO CONTINUE, PRESS F3 TO EXIT and PRESS R TO REPAIR". Press ENTER to continue the installation.

  7. Sebuat agreement will appear. Press F8 to i agree

  8. The system will check whether the existing computer systems WINDOWS XP before.If it already exists it will display the option to reinstall the premises for repair pressing ESC or by pressing R.

  9. For now we will re-install by pressing the ESC key.

  10. It would appear that no partition on the hard drive (if previously on the partition).

  11. We can re-partition by deleting the old partition first, create a new one. Ways to repartition already listed on the screen. Get used to create a min 2 partitions. 1 for WINDOWS system and another 1 to DATA.

  12. After we re-partition, press "ENTER" on the partition to be installed WINDOWS. Try to install Windows on a partition drive C.

  13. After pressing "ENTER" will appear formatting options. Whether the partition is formatted with a system like what. Get used to using the system "NTFS" and select the "QUICK" so that the system perform a quick format.

  14. Format and file copy process will run. Wait until the copy process is complete. The system will restart automatically.

  15. Log into the BIOS again, change the "1stboot device" to the hard drive (HDD 0) then press F10

  16. System will perform the installation process. Wait until the initial installation process is complete, the System will ask you to enter a computer name and company name. If you have press NEXT.

  17. Enter the serial number used CD WINDOWS and press NEXT.

  18. Select Regional temapt DATE AND TIME us. Then NEXT.

  19. System will install the Network Device. Once completed, the system will memintak our network configuration. Press NEXT 2x because we do not discuss NETWORKING.

  20. System will continue the installation process again approximately 20 minutes. Wait until the computer restarts by itself indicating the installation process has completed.

  21. WELCOME note will appear WINDOWS XP. Press NEXT. Then do the registration if you like, otherwise select "No Thanks" and press NEXT. Fill in the name of our username, then press NEXT. Then press FINISH.

  22. WINDOWS installation has been completed. Congratulations to use.

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