This is Google's Challenger from Indonesia

Who does not recognize Google as the provider of the most popular search engine in the worldHowever, make no mistake, there is an Indonesian company that dared to challenge Google. Sitti name.
"Today we ventured to challenge Google Inc.," said Andy Sjarif, Group CEO of Sitti, when the first "Open Door", the inauguration of a new office at Graha Tirtadi, Jalan Senopati 71, Jakarta, Wednesday (24/11/2010). He said, not search engine service that fight, but the platform contextual ads like AdSense and AdWords.According to him, about the affairs of search engines, Google is indeed an expert. No one doubts. Even people in Sitti also admire the greatness of Google. He said, Google's benefit not for search engines, but because the advertising revenues that could present a networked context-sensitive ads or search results web pages visited by Internet users."Contextual advertising is a fight Sitti from Google," said Andy Sjarif. But, of course not all of the targeted Sitti because only users in Indonesian language website or blog that became targets at this time. He is confident, Sitti-made machine can compete with Google, 
especially for web pages and blog in Indonesian language.To test the ability of the engine, Sitti in collaboration with a local web site for more than a month, starting from 1 October to 5 November 2010. In that time, Sitti successfully indexing 600 million pages in Indonesian language and displays of 529 3300 brand advertising.Not only that, Sitti was the same ads to Google's AdWords service with the same period and the same keywords. It is to find a comparison and measure how effective the machine Sitti serve ads contextually appropriate web pages visited.The result, claims more Sitti effective. From the measurements of impression, Sitti got a score of 88.5 percent, while Google's 11.5 percent. From the number of clicks, Sitti get 51 percent, while Google's 49 percent. Click through ratio (CTR) Sitti 64.06 percent, 20.87 percent of Google, and the rest the same. This is what makes Sitti more confident to compete with Google."I hope that in 2-3 years from now there are fights networked advertising platform," said Andy Sjarif. Having learned of the millions of web pages, Sitti is now understood context, even alay also understand the language.He also hopes Google's increasingly serious about getting into the Indonesian market and contribute to the national economy. According to him, Google should have opened representative offices in Indonesia, paying taxes for income from the Indonesian market, and to educate small and medium businesses that benefit from the internet.
However, Sitti admitted much smaller than Google. The company currently employs 25 people are new and used six servers. Compare with Google's index about 1 trillion web pages in 129 languages. However, Andy Sjarif sure Sitti could compete for the support of the Indonesian Internet community."Today was not Sitti is challenging Google, but Google's Indonesia challenging because many publishers believe our ideas, many advertisers believe with us," he concluded.

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