Simple Steps to Fix Slow Computers

A common occurrence with personal computers is that they tend to slow down over time. So people experiencing decreased performance of their PCs ask: How to fix slow computers? The solution lies in first understanding the problem. In most cases this is a software problem. The software can be malicious one like a spyware or the software in Windows itself needing a little tuning. Let us discuss some of the points that a user must have in mind to speed up the computer himself before asking for professional help.
First, check if there are any malicious programs present in your computer? Obviously you have not installed any of these programs, at least not willingly. The problem is that it is an unforgiving world out there and chances are that if you have had your guard down, someone might have sneaked a spyware or two into your PC all without you being completely oblivious to the situation. So when your computer begins exhibiting performance problems, the first thing you should do is scan it with a good anti-virus + anti-spyware software to get rid of any unwanted viruses or spywares.
Second, the data on your hard disk might be fragmented. The result is that the drive head must look all over the disk to locate the fragments of the data resulting in decreased performance. It is a general belief that some third party software are better at defragmenting than the Windows defragmenter. The choice is yours!
Third, do you have too many unwanted programs starting up with your PC? Programs that run at startup consume system resources, and the resources that they monopolize become unavailable for other processes. This leads to decrease in performance. If you are running unwanted programs at startup, you must try getting rid of some of these to speed up your PC.
Fourth, in order to fix slow computers you must always check out whether there is enough free space available on the hard disks. Too little hard disk space on your drives leads to a decrease in performance. If, for instance, you have some data lying around which is useful but not in immediate use, consider writing it to a CD-R. This might free up some of the precious resources.
Last, a lot of utilities are available on the internet like the Tuneup utilities which are great to fix slow computers. These utilities are capable of cleaning your registry and tweaking Windows settings. Try them out as well. More Articles about Computer

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