The way to Repair Water Broken Video Tapes

The way to Repair Water Broken Video Tapes

When natural disasters equivalent to floods strike, we are sometimes left unprepared amidst sudden chaos. When left with only a moments notice to evacuate or get to security, many valuable and private objects have to be left behind. When disasters like this do happen, important family paperwork, photographs and video tapes can be left behind to suffer harm from the flood.

When you get well your tapes from the water, you may first think that all hope is misplaced for your hours and hours of family footage. Nevertheless, if you happen to act swiftly and intelligently, you possibly can usually save most of your video footage. The important thing to bear in mind is that time is of the essence! The longer the tape is uncovered to the contaminants contained in the water, the greater the risk of permanently damaging your tape.

In case your tapes are still moist whenever you retrieve them, the first thing to do is to very gently rinse them off of as much particles and contaminants as you doable can. To perform this, one of the best ways is to fill up a bucket with distilled water and slowly swirl the tapes inside it, cautious to not force them via the water. Additionally, ensure the water is free from chemical compounds or different contaminants like flouride or chlorine. You will not be capable to get rid of all of the dust or particles, however a few of it should come out. It is important to keep the tapes submerged till you are able to dry them, as this can help slow the expansion of mold and mildew.

Additionally keep in mind that time is of absolutely the essense! Flood waters normally contain large amounts of organic materials which causes speedy mould progress - particularly in warm tropical climates. If the tapes have already dried out by the time you retrieve them, you will possible have a considerably harder time recovering them.

The subsequent step towards recovery of your tapes is to correctly dry them out. The really useful means to do that is to dry them using a managed laboratory oven. However, this feature isn't all the time practical. Another technique that can work is by opening up the precise plastic shells so air move can get to the wet components of the tape. Place the tapes in a dark, semi-cool room with constant air-flow. You can obtain this by strategically inserting some fans within the room with an open window. Air-drying on this method can result in some warping of the tape after it has dried.

NOTE: Keep away from leaving your tapes to dry in daylight or heat. These two elements can truly harm your tape even further.

Once dried out, you can now try to re-assemble your tapes. Once assembled, you can then try to play the tape in your VCR. The tapes will probably not be anywhere close to nearly as good as you bear in mind it, but with any luck you may a minimum of be able to extract all the information you possibly can to either your pc, a DVD with a video to DVD switch, or place the video onto a brand new, clear VHS tape.

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