Citrix Xendesktop 4.0 Introduces Flexcast and Per Consumer-Gadget Licensing

Citrix Xendesktop 4.0 Introduces Flexcast and Per Consumer-Gadget Licensing

XenDesktop 4.0 is the most recent version of Citrix's desktop and software delivery suite which incorporates some main adjustments in delivery and licensing.

The earlier model, Citrix XenDesktop offered a major leap ahead for Citrix in Digital Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) space, as this model thought of by many to be Citrix's first serious contender in the VDI market.

The licensing restrictions in place with the previous versions (excluding the standard edition) have now been lifted in version 4.0 with XenDesktop being able to deliver desktops and purposes in a mess of ways.

The previous versions licensing restricted the delivery of desktops utilizing presentation virtualization when used in conjunction with Citrix XenApp product. If organizations wanted to ship a XenApp inspired desktop they must deploy a separate XenApp solution, which required costlier XenApp licenses. These licensing restrictions only allowed purposes hosted on XenApp to be delivered as part of the XenDesktop VDI desktop.

This pushed the price of deploying XenDesktop greater because solely a VDI answer was doable, which in flip required more hardware, because the consumer density per server was decrease than just using a XenApp based solution. It just didn't make sense why Citrix would include the restrictions on XenApp licenses within the XenDesktop suite and cease it's use as a price effective alternative delivery mechanism for desktops as a substitute of simply counting on VDI?

Citrix FlexCast

This inflexibility changed with the XenDesktop 4.0 suite, with the introduction of what Citrix calls 'FlexCast', which is being touted as 'any desktop, any app, any manner'. Flexcast can now deliver desktops and functions by quite a lot of methods together with Presentation Virtualization utilizing the terminal server type distant access to functions and desktops along with desktops and purposes from VDI hosted machines. There are different strategies too, which all in all, give Flexcast a set of totally versatile supply options.

With Citrix XenApp now being integrated into XenDesktop, the flexibility of catering for a wider variety of customers is possible. Those customers who do not need full on desktops resembling those delivered by VDI, can now entry desktops hosted on XenApp, because the XenDesktop license (Enterprise and Platinum Edition only) is free of the previous restrictions.

Citrix Per Consumer/System licensing

XenDesktop 4.0 also introduces 'per person' and 'per system' licensing options. This brings this Citrix product according to other main vendors equivalent to Microsoft, who also use the per user/machine licensing approach.

Originally, the 'Per Named User' (PNU) licensing model was advocated to switch the current ConCurrent User (CCU) licensing model, nevertheless after suggestions from clients that this might make this Citrix product very expensive and therefore unattractive, Citrix bowed to the stress and utilised a versatile licensing method with a 'per person', 'per gadget' and CCU licensing (solely in sure editions) being available, with PNU licensing being scrapped.

With 'per consumer' licensing if there have been for example 10,000 customers in an organization who all use Citrix delivered functions and desktops and out of those 10,000, solely 2,000 access the Citrix delivered purposes and/or desktops at the identical time, under the present CCU licensing, only 2,000 licenses would need to be purchased. Nonetheless, with 'per person' licensing there is a shift for each user who accesses the system being licensed, so on this example, all 10,000 users would must be licensed. If there were only 2,500 units getting used to access XenDesktop but still 10,000 users, then it will make sense to undertake a 'per system' licensing option.

Citrix remains to be providing the CCU licensing model but only within the VDI version, so organisations can pilot the choice of going VDI with lower licensing costs.

Schooling establishments will be able to get campus extensive licenses which is able to make XenDesktop an attractive option.

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