Linux Fast Start - Find out how to Use a Linux Desktop to Run Software Packages and Linux Instructions

Linux Fast Start - Find out how to Use a Linux Desktop to Run Software Packages and Linux Instructions

As a new Linux person, you may make it easier to work with the OS by getting a version that has a desktop.

This makes it much simpler to run common software program packages and get to the command line prompt to run commands.

Linux Training Tips: There are a number of different Linux desktops and two of the most popular are KDE and GNOME. All of those present the identical common functionality (menus, icons and organization), however they have a distinct "look and feel" when using them. Try working with a couple of different ones to see which one(s) you like greatest!

Running Software program Packages from a Linux Desktop

There are literally thousands of wonderful Linux software applications you should utilize!

To run a program from a desktop, you simply click on on the icon for it or choose it from a menu.

For example, on the KDE desktop, in SUSE Linux, you click on on the Konqueror icon to run this net browser / file manager.

As another example, from the GNOME desktop, in Ubuntu, you do the following steps to run the OpenOffice word processing program named Author:

Choose the Applications menu; then Office; after which Phrase Processor.

Running Linux Commands from a Desktop

To discover ways to do system administration tasks, that you must discover ways to run commands.

To run commands from a desktop, you just open a terminal emulation window, also known as a Linux "terminal" or "console".

After getting this opened, you can see the Linux command line immediate and you'll run commands.

Linux Training Ideas: If you use a Linux desktop, you can open a number of terminal / console windows and work as a "common" (non-root) consumer in some and work as the root (a.k.a. superuser, su) in others. You can even size and transfer these windows.

As part of your training, remember that one of the simplest ways to be taught the OS - and study to manage a system, is to run commands. And Linux coaching movies are an excellent option to learn to use commands and understand ideas!

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