Microsoft Dynamics GP Table Structure Overview

Microsoft Dynamics GP Table Structure Overview

Microsoft Great Plains, former Great Plains Software Dynamics/eEnterprise should be considered as ERP platform for midsize and large business, so SQL data maintenance and repair is normal IT procedure, this is why table structure and MRP architecture should be familiar to SQL DB administrator. We will begin with architecture and table name coding and then go down to typical data repair

o Setup Tables. These tables have 4 prefix. IV40100 - this is Inventory Control Module setup table. Setup tables may have only one record, if this is module setup or multiple records, if this is something like Inventory Class setup (vendor, customer class setup to give additional examples)

o History Tables. These tables have 3 prefix. SOP30200 - this is Sale Transaction Header history table. When you post transactions - they go to open (optional phase) and history

o Open Tables. These tables have 2 prefix. GL20000 - this table stores all your open year posted GL transactions. For some of the module open stage is skipped (Sales Order Processing - here transactions when posted go to the history tables directly)

o Work Tables. These tables have 1 prefix. These tables are present in each module: GL, Inventory Control, Invoicing, Receivable Management, Payroll, Payable Management, Purchase Order Processing, Bill of Material. Great Plains has batch posting module - this feature allows you to save and store work (or unposted) transactions in the batch. SOP10100 - this is Sales Transaction Header Work table

o Master Tables. These tables have 0 prefix. We will give you several examples: IV00101 - inventory item master stores all your inventory items, RM00101 - customer master table, IV00200 - vendor master table, GL00100 - General Ledger account master table

o Table repair technique. When you consider to repair one of GP tables, you do backup of the table, execute this SQL statement:

Select * into IV00101_Backup from IV00101

Then do you data repair. If you need to roll back to old backed up version of the table, do this:

1. Clean your original table: delete IV00101
2. Restore it from backup: alter table IV00101_Backup drop column DEX_ROW_ID insert into IV00101 select * from IV00101_Backup

Some additional hints. Microsoft Great Plains is Dexterity application. Dex internal logic adds autoid column DEX_ROW_ID, so you have to drop it prior to restoring the table from backup.

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