The Best Way to Reinstall Home windows With out Dropping Information

The Best Way to Reinstall Home windows With out Dropping Information
The Best Way to Reinstall Home windows With out Dropping Information

Sooner or later during the course of your computer's use, you can find yourself within the unenviable position of having to reinstall Windows. There are lots of reasons for this. Perhaps essential system information bought corrupted or disk errors or viruses triggered your system to turn out to be unstable.

That is all a result of wear and tear on your PC. When that time comes, you'll have to not only know how to reinstall windows, however easy methods to reinstall windows with out shedding data. Right here we check with a recent set up of Home windows and never simply an attempt to restore just a few files.

1. Your Vendor's Restore CD

Step one in understanding the best way to reinstall home windows is to locate your vendor's restore CD--in any other case recognized appropriately sufficient as a rescue or boot disk. Windows comes with its own rescue CD as well. If that's the one one you have at your disposal then locate your operating system's instructions below.

Rescue CDs are usually not all alike. Some give you rescue functions as well as important software program drivers on your computer. Others are more primary, solely permitting you the flexibility to reformat your exhausting drive. Do not reformat your hard drive with out backing up your personal information to a different medium first! Your personal recordsdata are these situated underneath 'My Paperwork' in Windows. The precise location of your private information and folders varies from one working system to another.

In Home windows XP, for example, you will backup every little thing in C:Documents and Settings. In Home windows 98 and ME, you'll backup C:My Documents. Extra directions comply with beneath on your particular system. If in case you have every other folders the place you've saved personal stuff back these up as well.

2. Windows 98 and ME CDs

With Windows 98 and ME you do not need to simply reinstall home windows without backing up important system information. This information might be present in your Windows folders.

First create a new folder on your C: drive and title it oldWindows. Then use Home windows explorer to navigate to your Windows folder. Once there, locate the next subfolders: All Users, Application Knowledge, Desktop, Favorites, Native Settings, Profiles, SendTo, and Begin Menu. Copy these folders to the oldWindows folder you created.

Now it is time to reboot. Restart Home windows together with your boot disk Upon startup select Start pc with CD-ROM support. Drivers will begin loading so go forward and insert your Windows CD-ROM.

To reinstall windows properly you have to to delete your listing tree so type c:windowscommanddeltree /y c:windows and press the Enter key. After that it is advisable to invoke the Windows setup set up process situated on your Home windows CD. Sort your CD drive letter and then kind setup.

Next get into the DOS prompt from Windows and sort

xcopy c:oldWindows*.* c:home windows /s /h /r /c.

This will restore all vital system information.

3. Windows 2000 and XP CDs

When you've got Windows 2000 and XP you want to know find out how to reinstall windows correctly as well. Insert your Windows CD and boot your computer. Upon startup you will notice Press any key in addition from CD.

After clicking you'll come to the welcome screen. Press Enter, then press Escape to start out a restore. From the menu choices choose C as your current partition and then l to delete the Windows folder. Enter temp as your consumer title when prompted. Reboot and you'll be logged in as temp.

Subsequent you will restore your private files. Home windows 2000 customers should login as temp, then Administrator and then again to temp again. Then navigate to C:Documents and Settings and you will see an Administrator folder and one with Administrator: computername.

From DOS sort cd documents and settings after which press Enter. Type xcopy administrator*.* administrator.computername /s /h /r /c, substituting for computername your folder that was appended to Administrator earlier. Your personal recordsdata will likely be restored.

4. For Both Home windows XP and 2000

Windows XP and 2000 customers need one extra step to know how you can reinstall home windows correctly. Create a new folder in your C: drive and label it oldData. Then go to My Documents and Settings and duplicate all of the folders for every username to oldData.

In Control Panel go to User Accounts and create a brand new account for each of these customers--use their names as spelled out beneath their Documents and Settings folders. In the event you're using XP ensure that a minimum of one account has Administrator privileges.

For each user in your pc, sign off and log in with that consumer's name. Then login as Temp and drop down into the DOS command prompt interpreter. Now type

xcopy c:oldData*.* "c:documents and settings" /s /h /r /c

Then press Enter. Go forward and ensure that you simply need to overwrite files. When you're done, log off after which login as every user. Each user's Paperwork and Settings ought to be restored.

5. Finishing Up

After you install home windows it's good to install other software program too, like drivers and Home windows Updates from Microsoft's web site. Check for any graphics drivers that you could be need to put in from a vendor CD.

Look for all of your previous personal information and be sure that they are all there. If not, verify the C:oldData folder and move the information to the right location. As soon as you are completely sure that you've got all the pieces you can delete each the oldData folder and the Administrator folder.


It might have come as a shock to you to be taught that you could reinstall home windows with out having to wipe out your hard drive. With a recent set up of Windows you'll be able to restore to your pc the velocity and efficiency which it had whenever you first purchased it.

A fresh install will do wonders on your pc's efficiency and will probably be higher to your system than a easy repair. So as to save your personal files you simply have to create temporary folders as we outlined in this article and restore them back into the brand new installation.

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