iPod Can't Be Synced - An Unknown Error Occurred (-48) In iPod

iPod Can't Be Synced - An Unknown Error Occurred (-48) In iPod

An iPod is a portable digital media player widely used to store and play various media like audio, video, video games, etc. The iPod has a definite type and it might retailer as much as 10 thousand songs relying upon its memory. Using iPod, you can also switch songs amongst pc through iTunes application.

Typically, you may observe a number of errors with your iPod, which can result in inaccessibility of information saved in it.. In such situations, you'll be able to at all times use a latest and valid backup to revive your misplaced data. Nevertheless, if in case you have not maintained the backup, or the backup falls quick, it's endorsed to make use of an efficient iPod Recovery Software to recuperate and restore your lost data.

Take into account a scenario - you attempt copy some songs in the iPod utilizing iTunes application. While you remove the iPod from the system, you observe that there aren't any songs in the iPod. You then re-join the iPod to the system and encounter the beneath error message:

"iPod Can't be synced. An Unknown Error Occurred (-48)"

While you disconnect your iPod from the system once more, you might additional get another error message:

"Home windows - Corrupt File: The File or listing iPod_ContorliTunesiTunesDb is corrupt and unreadable"

The above error messages state that you just can not add any music, movies, movies in your iPod, regardless of the reminiscence out there in it. You may observe inaccessibility of data stored within the iPod after the occurrence of the above error messages. Additionally the error messages repeatedly occur whenever you try to access the information saved within the iPod.


The above error messages occur, when iTunes detects the following:

Corrupted iPod software.

Damaged or corrupted iPod disk.


The easiest way to resolve the above challenge is to revive the most recent version of iTunes. The latest version of iTunes may be downloaded from the Web and iPod could be restored by connecting it with USB port or a FireWire. However, restoring the iPod erases the whole data stored and restores it to its default manufacturing unit settings. In such case, to get well your lost knowledge fully, you have to use a complicated Recovery Software. These iPod restoration utilities make use of excessive finish scanning mechanisms to ensure quick and comprehensive recovery of your misplaced data.

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