Photoshop - Using a Layer Mask to Blend Two Photographs

Photoshop - Using a Layer Mask to Blend Two Photographs
Photoshop - Using a Layer Mask to Blend Two Photographs

Hi. This tutorial is based on using a layer masks to merge two images. Right now, I'll make this dinosaur appear on this seashore, simply into the water. Layer masks are quite simple to make use of, and likewise very useful! They work on a black - white - grey system. This tutorial will explain further.
Step 1: Getting the photographs
Open your first picture, on this case it is the beach. Then open your second picture (in this case, the dinosaur) and move it onto the first image, this may be completed by merely dragging it with the arrow tool!
Step 2: Creating a layer mask
As I said, layer masks make use of black, white and gray. To add a layer masks, merely click the rectangle with the circle inside; backside of your layer window.
Step 3: Hiding the excess areas
We only need the dinosaur here, so let's get rid of the remainder! Take the brush device, with the brush software we can use these colors;
Black = disguise
White = unhide
Gray = partially disguise
The shade of your colour decides the opacity of the area you brush. Brush black over the areas you want rid of, see what occurs!
Now, you'll must zoom in (Ctrl + +/Ctrl + -) to get it carried out accurately... In case you make a mistake, do not use undo, simply brush with white.
Step 4: Opacity
In this picture, I need the legs to be in the water, this implies I would like their opacity lowered so it seems to be just like the legs are beneath water. For this, we'd like a grey colour. Watch as I brush with the gray! As you can see, I've brushed gray and his leg now seems to be partially hidden! Having picture hosting issues atm, Photobucket being unhealthy!
That is it!

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