Photoshop - All About RBG - CMYK

Photoshop - All About RBG - CMYK
Photoshop - All About RBG - CMYK

RGB = Pink Green and Blue
It is an additive color system which is used in things like TV's, Laptop Screens.
It has a wider vary of colors than CMYK however it cannot be printed as an alternative if you print of a RGB image it's converted into CMYK image.
CMYK = Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Keycolour (which is black)
It is a subtractive colour system and is used for all the things within the print industry from newspapers to fine art prints. All printed media is makes use of a CMYK color system.
Not like RGB which merges numerous colors to get black, CMYK has its own black it does not need to merge colours if it did plenty of color ink can be wasted.
CMYK does have a extra limited range of colors accessible to it (or gamete) nevertheless it does have more yellows obtainable to it than RGB.
HSB = Hue Saturation Brightness utilizing a mixture of these three issues we can get any color that's accessible on computers.
The Hue = colour
Saturation = how a lot color i.e. a low saturation is extra black and white while a excessive saturation may be very bright.
Brightness= effects how a lot white or black is put in or taken out of the image.
Beneath each image in Photoshop there's usually 2 numbers which relate to file size. The number on the left hand aspect represents the file measurement of the unique picture layer, the quantity to the right represents the full file dimension for the unique layer and all the other layers which were added.
A few of the modes obtainable in Photoshop these are.
Index color mode that solely makes use of colour that's inside the image some other sort of colour accessible is stripped from the file. If you where to have a look at the color palette it would show all the colors that accessible within the image. When changing an image into Index colour you'll be able to choose what number of colors are used.
Posterize we where told and shown may do much the same as index colour both enable uses to pick out what number of colours are used.
Greyscale which removes all color from the image
A helpful tip is that to continually resample photos is unhealthy as each resample loses more and more information. It's at all times a good idea not to continually resample jpeg pictures as every resample damages and destroys image knowledge within a file. It's best to avoid wasting photos in a file format that doesn't resample photographs after which make a copy of the picture and convert the copy right into a jpeg. That method you possibly can always have a superb unique image to archive and use.
The ultimate tip of the lesson was that it was sensible that the perfect picture file dimension for a webpage or web site was 20k and that photos should never go over 100k otherwise the webpage would take a long time to load.
For web sites a low decision 72dpi was all that was wanted as 72dpi is the webpage customary setting. And the mode was RGB as RGB works greatest with computer and TV screens.
For a magazine a high resolution was wanted as printers can print to a higher high quality, the decision was 300dpi. And the mode was CMYK which is the only print mode that printers and printed media can use.

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