Creating Application Components Using COBRA Temperature Converter

Introduction to CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture) is a software architecture based on object-oriented technology or Object Oriented (OO) with client-server paradigm. CORBA can be used for developing software with engineering based on using component.
CORBA was born based on the "agreement" between a number of vendors and software developers like IBM, Hewlett-Packard, and DEC, which joined in a consortium called the OMG (Object Management Group). The concept of Object-Oriented (OO) gave birth to a client-server paradigm which, on an object to communicate with other objects by sending messages (message passing). Communication context is then mapped into the client-server model: one object acts as a client (the sender) and the other acting as a server (that received the message and process the messages in question). By applying the concept of Object-Oriented or Client-Server, we will try to create a simple application that Create Temperature Converter Application Components Using CORBA, CORBA components which have been provided by Java. Software Requirement:
1. JDK (I use jdk1.6.0_16)
2. Notepad
3. Here the authors practice to use the Windows XP operating system

Download Counverter CORBA here

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