Update Applications Google+ For IOS Platform and Supports iPod Touch and iPad

Google + Support Now iPod Touch and IPAD

Google has launched an updated version of Google's applications + for IOS platform that supports the iPod Touch and IPAD. Previously Google + can only be used in the iPhone and mobile web app only.

Although the appearance of Google's mobile web app + is quite okay, but there are some features that you will not get in there, such as support for setting and participate in the Huddle, and support for images.

These are often more offers faster access and better performance than a web app. The latest version of Google + for IOS also offers improvements in performance and stability and setting a new Huddle gives you a choice, who you want to send a message.

This update will also send notification of updated information about who to add to your Google + Circle mereka.Meski quite comfortable to use in the iPad, but this application does not yet support for larger screens, because Google + for iPad is actually a duplicate of the tablet screen size Android more small. You can get this application for free at the following link.

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