8 How to Develop the Right Brain

Have we (often) not confident that we CREATIVE? It's just a presumption that actuallydrown our self-confidence to act creatively! Â Think and act creatively is an attempt touse the right brain (hemispher right hemisphere) more actively. During this time, most people only use his left brain associated with language, logic, and symbols and is directed at linear thinking and vertical (from one logical conclusion to the other logicalconclusion).

In more balanced, right-brain-related functions of emotion, intuitive, and spatial as well as work based on the kaleidoscope and lateral thinking (to consider the issuefrom all sides and arrive at different things) is part of the brain that plays an important role in creativity.

Right brain will generate ideas that are not conventional, not systematic, and unstructured. This does not mean the right-brain thinking is something that isarbitrary, but the right-brain thinking related to something new, unusual, and differentfrom what went before.
Here are 8 ways you can do to develop the right brain:

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