Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) With Ubuntu Linux

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) With Ubuntu Linux

Seeking to deploy Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) with Ubuntu Linux?

Digital desktop infrastructure with Ubuntu Linux is good for anybody who is anxious about safety of WAN based VDI. It is usually perfect for organizations hosting their applications within the cloud, utilizing software-as-a-service by way of an internet browser. VDI with Ubuntu Linux eliminates the upkeep of desktop gadgets, and reduces the variety of onerous drives in your IT footprint.

Linux Terminal Server Mission (LTSP) allows the centralized deployment of digital desktops on a neighborhood area network. Digital desktop gadgets (thin purchasers) are related to a swap on the LAN which connects to a server or cluster of servers delivering a desktop environment and applications.

LTSP is built-in into Ubuntu 11.04 and earlier versions. The logical selection for deployment is Ubuntu 10.04, a LTS version. LTS stands for long term assist, which supplies three years of safety and maintenance updates.

Low Cost VDI with Ubuntu Linux

With LTSP organizations can recycle previous Desktop PCs (800 MHz, 256MB RAM) or deploy new low footprint and vitality efficient thin clients. A correctly sized quad-core server may power up to 50 thin purchasers, providing desktop environments at a comparatively low cost. Cost financial savings are most notable in upkeep and security over the years. Desktop hardware refresh cycles are between 7 and 10 years, thanks to the lack of spinning exhausting drive in every desktop device. Backups take place only within the server room. Desktop gadget replacement is as simple as drop in and energy on (except you may have safety customizations).

LTSP Technical Overview

Thin consumer gadgets in a virtual desktop deployment with Ubuntu Linux boot over your local area network. The virtual desktop environment and purposes are executed on the server in a read only format. Users are still able to customize their desktop's in addition to entry private and shared fire storage. Purposes might be delivered from local or distant software servers and could be Home windows or Linux based.

Security is vastly elevated with stateless operation of the digital shoppers working with a ssh connection between client and server. User storage can be moved to a SAN kind solution, transferring the VDI server one other step away from risky IT files. Since this answer is over a neighborhood space community the considerations of sending delicate data over the WAN aren't present. Consumer's do not have access to make any changes to any server settings. USB gadgets could be disabled for all thin purchasers on the network.

Who's Using LTSP At this time?

LTSP is utilized by major private and non-private universities, Fortune 500 corporations, government entities, constitution colleges, small and medium companies, franchised retail shops and more. It's a versatile solution which allows for desktop supply customization, network segmentation, and person control. Consult an experienced skilled for extra recommendation in deploying LTSP with Ubuntu Linux.           

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